The Shadowed Spirits Pack



Nanashi was the runt of his mothers litter and because of that he is smaller then his siblings in his pup years. As he got older he caught up size and strength. He has long black hair that he keeps in a pony tail and two scars on his face from his first fight one going down on his right eye and the other under his left. Personality: Because he was the runt he has always felt he had to prove himself more then his siblings. Nanashi doesnt feel like it his role in life to be a leader but rather a protecter for a leader, he is highly skilled in sword fighting but only will draw his sword to protect packmates family or himself. He doesnt openly show his feelings all the time and it takes people a long time for him to open up to them because he fears he will loose the people he cares about.
Elements: Pyro, Air 
Mate: Trix (Deceased)

Alpha Female

The rank is open; must be Nanashi's mate.

Delta - Second in command


Zane. Well he isn't much. Just a young shifter with a rough past. He grew up alone. His parents abandoned him after he was a month old. He is a strong fighter, and rather tall. He loves fire but got into a bad accident with it. Very noticeable by the long scar from his face to just below his chest. He loves climbing trees and does it a lot to avoid lying in the dirt. He normally tries to aviod confrontation but will fight if he was to, he also loves to create havoc with other packs. 

Powers: Pyro, Lunar, and Terra

Mate: Zeray (Missing)

Delta Female - Second in command

Zeray is currently missing.

Lead Scout

The rank is open.


The rank is open.

Lead Fighter

Sheyn is different than a normal wolf. She strongly resembles a dire wolf with her fangs sitting outside her mouth and claws being much larger and sharper than a bears. She overtowers a wolf in size, and as a human she stands to be 5'10. Both hair and pelt are white as snow and eyes blue and as vibrant as the skies above. Sheyn as a human is rather busty which only compliments her slender frame and collarbones that rest above. Her skin is slightly paler than porceline and absent from flaws. With high cheekbones and plump pink lips, Sheyns face is naturally beautiful and contoured. Her white as snow hair only reaches to the small of her back as its bangs gently caress her face. Despite being an elite in combat and brute in strength, she doesn't let this affect her demeanor. Overall, Sheyn is a patient and calm being with a good head on her shoulders. Her fluffy/welcoming appearance matching her personality. Sheyn is a respectful and soft-spoken person that knows her place. She won't tolerate being treated like an inferior by those weaker than her.
Elements: Toxin, healing of self, blood manipulation
Mate: None
Weapons: Katana, daggers


Kadence is her full name, pronounced Kay-dence, but she will answer to almost anything one may throw at her, be it something as mundane as Kad, Ka, or even Kaddy. She desires to be a part of the Shadowed Spirits pack, as an army girl if all goes well and according to plan, despite the fact that she looks nothing like an army brat, or even remotely capable of fighting, unless one takes into account the glittering gleam that lurks within her shining orbs of eyes, a strange cross of orange and yellow, the two tones mixing perfectly to give her just the right shade, such as warm honey when she's feeling friendly and pleasant, but angry and glaring like a hornet's nest when she's been crossed or threatened, something she's never taken well or been particularly fond of. In her human appearance she has honey colored hair, the locks being one of the lighter shades of blonde, toned with some darker tints and tones here and there, the ordinarily messy mop falling about her shoulders in a carefree, bouncy manner, the eyes shining with a love of life that is apparent even in the darkest of times, save for when she is alone and can permit the forced wall of happiness that surrounds her fall away and crumble into dust. Her skin is a cream white, not pasty or pale by any means, just tanned enough to give her that golden girl look; a molten black tattoo smothering one side of her face, curling about her eye and trailing down her cheek before halting, picking up once more on the arm of that same side, her left it is believed to be. She is on the taller side, though she is neither tall, nor short, she is mostly just considered an average height, for she comes in at about 5'5", the normal height for one of her age and build. Though she isn't really considered petite, she isn't overweight by any means, being more of something along the lines of healthy. Not a stick figure, but not a hulk, either. In her animal form, she is about the same build, with thick, plush white fur gifted and graced with black highlights along her paws, tail and ear tips. Lighter gray patterns also adorn the space below her vibrant eyes, orbs that retain their natural coloring, the ashy gray highlights sprinkled along her muzzle, and trickling along her lean back. A scarf of thick white fur drapes about her neck, and a healthy dose of bangs drips down into the side of her face. She has a tinkling laugh that charms most when they hear it, her sparkling, happy nature seeming to be the only style she knows, gifted with a free spirit and a love of life that is unparalleled by those around her. She is normally chipper and happy, always doing her best to bring cheer and zest to those around her, regardless of her own feelings, her own roiling emotions. She is a sensitive, deep thinker on the inside, something she masks and hides through a wall of music and a love of instruments, no matter the kind, though she only plays one fairly well: the guitar, and not the electric type, either. The older, acoustic kind where good amplification of sound is necessary for the song to be considered to have gone well. Despite this, her favorite kind of music is pop, though she'll listen to just about anything she can dance to, for she loves to lose herself on the dance floor and succumb to the beat of the music, finding herself again in the lyrics of the words. She is full of spunk and wit, and she'll never give up, no matter the odds or the circumstances, it doesn't matter to her if she's sorely outmatched, and she usually doesn't take orders very well, an oddity for one of her ranking and life style. In reality, though Kadence seems like a huge paradox, she is really just a young teen trying to find her way in life, make something of herself while committing to happiness and bringing joy to those around her, for she is deeply caring, and loves her pack to no end, willing to go to the ends of the earth for any single one of them, no matter their personal relationship. She has a good set of morals, and isn't afraid to stand her ground when it comes to maters of principle or right and wrong, even having been known to make her opinions clear to those who sorely outrank her, regardless of the consequences, though she is normally quite respectful in her own sense of the word. Her history hides scars of her past that she doesn't really like to talk about, but isn't beyond revealing if pushed far enough, for she has nothing to hide in her actions; she just dislikes the pitying stares that people give her after she reveals what happened to her, and she hates being comforted by others, feeling she needs to stand on her own feet and move past what happened to her in her own way.   
Element: Toxin, Terra, and Aqua

Mate: None

Weapons: None, she doesn't really need them with her elements.

Theme: Don't Think of Me by Dido



Astro has a main body color of steel grey, with black out lining his ears, eyes, paws, and tail. His entire underside is snow white. He has to different colored eyes, one being a dark violet color and the other being a bright gold color. He has thick black bands on either side of his muzzle that stop at his upper lip, and around every paw.  Astro is aloof and mysterious. He's very reserved, but there for his pack. He can be over protective at times, but he means well in the end. He stays on the outside of the clearing, but he can hear everything going on around him, he's very in sync with the land around him. He's the son of an alpha pair, but was shunned for being different. His eyes, his attitude. They didn't understand how he could be so aloof, but still know what was going on. They pushed him out of the pack after he refused to conform to their rules.

Elements: Lunar

Mate: None

Weapons: ???

Theme Song: None



Salem is a young fighter from the realm of Chernobyl, born and bred here, though he is from the farther reaches of the territory, a realm that the rest of the packs have not seen or heard of; he would very much like to keep it that way, if he can, for Salem led a disgraced life there. In his past, Salem was one of the noble Knights of the land, working alongside his brother, Lachlan, and their squad, which consisted of five wolves total, each of them laboring to keep both their borders, homeland, and surrounding areas safe and free of danger, a task not entrusted lightly, nor was it a very easy one. As such, Salem has seen his fair share of battles, has been in his own number of wars, always managing to keep his comrades protected. He has only lost a wolf once, and it haunts him still to this day, it is an experience he never wishes to repeat, under any circumstances or conditions. Salem was a highly respected and honorably considered Knight, for he was the epitome of the code, the most noble of earthly beings one could find, always trying to live right, to do the right thing, to ensure the safety and well-being of others before himself, gladly laying his life down on the line on several occasions, not minding the peace of death if it meant that his family and loved ones were safe, if his homelands were protected. But alas, it was not meant to be, for Salem fell in love with a very dangerous she-wolf, a female of his very own squad, a fae known as Marionette. Unbeknownst to Salem, she coveted the leadership of the pack, and so while they were together, she plotted and schemed, manipulated and killed mercilessly in order to get what she wanted most: the crown. The conniving female placed the blame upon Salem's shoulders, for the poor brute had no idea of the evil she was capable of, the atrocities she had committed, all so that she might rule the pack. Until one stormy night, it all came boiling to a head, erupted as a volatile volcano might, exploding and spilling over into the lives of all around, and all concerned. Salem had been summoned to his Alpha's chambers, and he humbly appeared, though he had a good idea of what the summonings was about, had a suspicion he was about to be arrested. Had the Alpha not been the sort to ask questions and speak with the accused, especially his most honorable of fighters, Salem would have been thrown into the dungeons that very instant, but instead, his leader spoke with him, came to realize that Salem was telling the truth, he was not the one behind the cowardly crimes committed, nor did he know who was. They devised a plan to capture the culprit in the act, a course of action to determine the true criminal once and for all. But alas, the plan was never put into action, for it was that very night that the mastermind struck the Alpha's chambers, attempting to end the older wolf's life then and there. The one responsible? His girlfriend, Marionette. Salem was shocked, and though he tried to reason with her, it was clear the fae would not hear him or repent, and so the two fought, Salem to protect his Alpha, and Marionette to end both of their lives, no matter the cost to herself. The Alpha ordered Salem to take her alive, so that she might be questioned and her motives determined fully, but the command came to late, the dangerous female had already forced Salem's jaws about her throat, the powerful maw snapping down in the same moment that the Alpha's words registered, the very second they reached his ears. As a result, the Alpha had no choice but to banish Salem for killing against orders, though it was understood why he had done it, the leader's paws were tied. And so Salem wandered for a good many years, until he met Max, and the two settled here, becoming close friends. In his human form, Salem is tall and lean, with a chiseled face and muscular form, honed from years of fighting experience and training; his hair is a thick, deep brown, often described as the color of mud, as are his eyes while in this form. His clothing is odd, for a disgraced Knight, he wears black form fitting pants, a pocket anchored to the right thigh, held up by a belt decorated with pouches along the left. His boots are black, and of the combat variety, his upper torso is clad in a black t-shirt, though this is not visible for the fact that he wears a light gray jacket over top of this soft fabric. This is further covered by a dirt brown coat worn on top of that, though the gray one pokes out a bit at the collars; his hands are covered in fingerless gloves, his age coming in at about 18 years old. In his wolf form, he is of average height, with a toned build, clearly muscled with a lean physique, his pelt is white with gray overtones, steel colored overlays that alternate his design greatly. His eyes are sapphire blue in this form; his elements include both light and earth, such as the rock upon which one stands.

Elements: Light, terra

Mate: Max Caulfield

Weapons: Curved blades

Theme Song: Feel Again by OneRepublic



Max Caulfield 

Max normally isn't the most talkative or energetic person generally having a calm and slightly cheerful attitude. She uses her brain and works to solve any puzzles life presents to her with her mind. She always is open to meeting new people and making friends yet she tends to avoid questions directed to her past and her powers. She generally only tells that story to trusted friends and often finds herself living life as a loner because of it. Under her smiling face and kind serene attitude lies a troubled teen fighting the demons and regrets of her past. She came from a place full of people and lived the life of a normal teen there. She had discovered her power to alter time and the space around her by accident. She used it to save the life of her best friend and eventually confided about her powers to her. Over the next week she and her friend became something more than friends while uncovering the reason of recent disappearances and murders of other students from the area. From overusing her power to alter time and the fate of her friend she caused a massive storm that would obliterate the area. She had a choice. Let the city be destroyed and flee with her lover. Or go back to the very first instance she used her power to save her. Sacrificing the one person she loved in order to save the rest of the town. She choose the latter.. And her decision and regret haunts her to this day. She had left that place and wandered trying to find her way in life. Her human appearance isn't anything too special. She stands at a short 5'6 and has dark brown hair that comes down just to the bottom of her head. She has fair features and two intelligent blue eyes that always observe the world around her. In her wolf form she is small and light with a mix of dark dark bluish grey fur on her back and off-white on her stomach and chest. Her powers are manipulation of time around and near her in short bursts. Overuse of this power can lead to bad headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, blackouts and perhaps even death. It won't interfere with any personal or site plots, and is the only power she has.

Elements: Time Manipulation

Mate: Salem

Weapons: ????

Theme Song: Spanish Sahara by Foals




 Max doesn't know much about his past, only a few broken memories here and there. When he was younger, he got into a fight, and during the fight, he was tossed off the wold he was fighting and hit his head hard on a rock. Since then, he hasn't been able to really remember his past. Where he came from, his parents, or if he had any siblings. All he knows is he feels alone because he doesn't know any of these things. In his time since the fight that took his childhood practically, he has learned how to fight, and how to hunt. Oh, and lets not forget, he has learned how to spy on others from within their own territory boundaries. Being alone like he has been, it can have its perks. The scar over his right eye, well, as bad as it may be, he doesn't remember how he got it. If someone were to ask him, he'd tell you that too. Even through the hardships he's endured, he is still a very kind wolf. Although, one should accept his kindness with a grain of salt, for he can be an ass. He doesn't do it intentionally, it is just part of who he is. Max is an asshole with a big heart in simpler terms. From him, you might not expect him to be a highly protective person, but that's exactly what he is. If he sees someone being bullied, or senses that they are uncomfortable, he'll swoop in to the rescue. Once he has developed a connection with anyone, they'll be on his list of those he'd give his life to protect, and he takes no argument to that. He's made his mind up, and that is all there is to it.

 Elements: Toxin and Plasma (Lightning)

Mate: None



 She's very bright and energetic young female. She doesn't let much get to her and tends to bottle up her feelings that are anything other than happy. She prefers to only see the positive in things; no matter how dark or bleak they seem. She's always up for adventuring and exploring. She ends up acting more like a pup rather than the mature wolf she is. It tends to get her in more trouble than it's worth, but that never seems to get her down. She's either down to earth or a million miles away with her head in the clouds, there is no in between. She's very sweet although she's quick to let people know that even though she's small, that doesn't mean she's a door mat. She's a thin long legged wolf. She has white fur almost covering her entirely. Besides her mane, legs, undertail, ears, and between her shoulders; which all happen to be black. She has scars covering her front legs; all self inflicted. In her human form she is a little on the short side, only being 5'2". She has long platinum blonde hair and eyes that look soft brown but flash red when the light hits them right. She's always wearing her black sweatshirt and favorite band t-shirt with some big headphones; which she uses to rock out her favorite songs or block out the world. She grew up being scrutinized, her parents both being alphas, from a long line of alphas; and she was the smallest of the litter...the runt. She was picked on, and disowned by her parents. Her position went to that of something below an Omega. Although the Omegas are the ones who taught her to survive and how to be positive even when things look horrible.

Elements: Terra

Mate: None

Weapons: N/A

Themesong: Freaks by Timmy Trumpet ft Savage 

Lead Hunter


Akihiko is a boy with brown hair he wears a white dress shirt and a black long sleeve shirt with black pants. His wolf form is a red black and white wolf. He is usually a happy and friendly person but can be shy at times, he enjoys hunting cooking and talking to friends and family but if alone for a long about of time he will get depressed and lonely, He is very talented at cooking and very a very skilled archer.

Elements: Pyro

Mate: Luke

Weapons: Bow and arrow

Theme Song: ???

Picture needed.



Crystal is a kind wolf who when you first meet her she is very shy because she finds it hard to trust other people since she was abandoned as a pup bu then as she gets to know you she becomes the most outgoing wolf you will ever meet. Crystal's wolf form has snow white fur that has purple markings all along her back and then bright blue eyes while her human form is a young girl with light purple hair and bright blue eyes.

Elements: Aqua

Mate: Blake

Weapons: ???

Theme Song: ???



Shes an all black female with bright electric blue markings that tip her tail, ears, and bangs. She has the same color in a swirling design on her right side, and stripes of it covering both of her forelegs in a cut like pattern, along with her forepaw's claws being the same electric blue. Her eyes are a different shade of blue, but still a beautiful bright blue color. She's very shy and cautious around all new people, but she's very trusting and open to those she knows and very loyal as well. Luke grew up in a very strict pack. She wasn't very happy there. She slowly sunk into a deep deep depression. The only way she found relese was when she cut her forelegs on sharp rocks or with her claws. She ran away hoping she could escape both her pack, and her depression.

Elements: Lunar

Mate: Akihiko

Weapons: ???

Theme Song: ??? 



Ash is the mute daughter of Cloud (Crystal) and a puphood comrade of Nanashi. Her fur is a pale silver color and her eyes are deep sapphire blue. Her fur and eye color carries over into her human form, causing her to appear a little odd as she is still rather young. As she is a mute, Ash doesn't talk much, or really make any vocalization other than a soft, raspy sound she makes by tightening her throat and exhaling. Despite being silent, Ash can communicate rather effectively through gestures, expression, and writing (something her mother taught her). Sometimes she becomes frustrated as her silence often leads to her being forgotten, but she has a gentle nature about her that radiates without words.

Elements: heal others, aqua, terra

Mate: None

Theme: Swimming by Hans Zimmerman

Weapons: None



The rank is open.



In her human form Rei is about 5"6 with light brown eyes and short hair. In her wolf form she is smaller than normal with mainly blue and white fur with black fur on her legs ears and back. Rei normally is shy and timid to stranger and keeps to herself most of the time but when anyone she cares about is harmed she loses it lashing out mainly at whoever had harmed her loves ones and anyone trying to stop her. When Rei uses her powers blue tattoos appear throughout her body when she is in her human form.

Powers: Healing Others, Aqua and Plasma (lightning)

Mate: Araya

Weapons: ???

Theme Song: ???




She grew up in a cold pack but once she got a chance she ran and found her way to the Shadowed Spirit pack. There she lived happy and free with Rei the one she loves. But one day when the dens changed to a house. Araya found herself hundreds of miles away from the pack and began her long hard journey to return both back to the pack and to Rei. Along the way she met up with fellow pack members Blake and Cortana but along the way both of her comrades died. After witnessing her friend’s deaths she continued to make the journey home. After a few bad encounters with other packs and being a prisoner slave to an alpha of one. She secretly taught herself how to fight as she watched them fight. Learning the art of the sword as she carefully planned her escape. While she was there the alpha got her pregnant and she bore three ups. These pups were taken from her shortly after they were born and two of the pups were brutally killed, while the other one was hidden away. In her anger she rose up and fought. Believing she didn’t have anything there she ran, fighting anyone that dared hurt her again. In her human form she has white hair and blue eyes. She is rather thin but very strong and brave. In her wolf form she is a sliver wolf. When she finally made it back to the pack and to her love. She took the rank of a healer like her mate Rei. She cares about the pack and is protective of them. She is caring and kind hearted to those she knows. But conscious around those she doesn’t. Her elements is aqua and healing but she is the most strongest in aqua. She later finds out that her third pup lives and the pup found her way to her. Araya named her Tabitha after her mother and now she and Rei raise the pup together.

Elements: Aqua and Healing Others

Mate: Rei

Weapons: ???

Theme Song: ???



Shes a bright red color all over except for her black ears, cream belly and tail tip, russet red from the elbows down on her front legs and knees down on her back legs with a black lines that extend from the corners of her eyes to her checks and a black line and dot on her shoulders. She is bright and bubbly all the time and she loves teaching her son Sphinx. Ariel ran from her old pack with Sphinx trying to escape her abusive mate and save her last pup. 

Elements: Healing others

Mate: None

Weapons: ???

Theme Song: ???



Omegas and Adolescents



Mother- Araya

She is Araya and Rei’s daughter though she was born to Araya and an alpha from another pack. As she started to grow up under her father’s rule. After she was born she was taken from her mother and tied up in a cold damp basement of a building. She was mistreated for months after as the rope tying her to the post grew tighter around her neck as she slowly grew. One day she managed to chew through rope and free herself. She escaped the basement and ran as fast as she could as far as she could. She traveled and searched for her mother or just a pack kind enough to bring in an orphaned pup. She traveled far and was about to give up on any hope of finding a family when she found the shadowed spirits pack and her mother. Finally reunited with her mother she is starting to grow up like a normal pup. She the element of Water and fire but she doesn’t realize it yet for her gifts have not emerged as of yet. In her wolf form she is a small silver wolf with bright blue eyes and in her human form. She has long silver hair and the same bright blue eyes. She often wears a leather collar like necklace. She wishes to grow up and become great fighter like her mom.

Elements: Terra

Mate: Too young

Picture needed.



Mother- Ariel

 He's a chocolate brown body, with black bangs, ears and hind legs from the knees down. His front legs from the ankles up to his shoulders are light tan, with white paws and a black band between his tan and white on both legs. His muzzle is also tan and he has a white tipped tail. He's lively, and a spunky little pup.

Elements: None yet

Mate: Too young 



Mother - Crystal 

Information needed.

Picture needed. 

                                    The Shadowed Deceased

Those of the Shadowed Spirits who have passed on. They are always honored for their services and lives well lived, never forgotten and always in the hearts and mind of those who carry on.


Alpha Female:


 A greyish black wolf with red eyes and has a scarred chest from a very one-sided battle. In her human form she stands a little taller than average, is slender and slightly muscled. She has long wavy dark brown hair and large, thick, black wings. She also wears skinny jeans and a black T-shirt. She is a very experienced fighter, plus her wings give her an advantage in battle. She has a bit of an attitude but is very obedient. Born and raised in an army, she has learnt to fight very well (plus is very well trained with her powers) and will take and give orders without question.

Elements: Lunar, Pyro, Air

Mate: Nanashi


                                                  The Missing

These are the wolves who have gone missing in the territory since all of the battles and skirmishes that have plagued the two packs, though some retain hope for their safe return, others have already accepted the idea of the worst, and so grieve their loss like any pack mate would. 



Delta Female:


A white she-wolf with fiery red and orange ombré staining certain areas. She also had black tipping her ears and paws, covering her muzzle and face with tiger-like stripes on all four of her legs. Protruding from her back are a pair of strong, feathery wings stretching over 2x her body length and she has a mark across her left cheek. In human form she is average height with long golden brown hair with feathers in it. With urban red war paint covering her eyes she takes on a very tribal look. She wears a grey hoodie and dark blue skinny jeans with boots and has radiant amber eyes. Just like her wolf form, she has a very fiery attitude and isn't afraid to fight back. She is quite sociable and kind and she is very protective of what she loves. She enjoys flying and does it often. She is very curious and often gets herself into trouble although she tries to avoid it.

Elements: Pyro, Heal Others, Air 

Mate: Zane




 Kanter is a black male wolf with tinges of white tipping his fur and enticing golden eyes. In his human form he stands at 6'6 with broad shoulders and a muscular build, with black hair and the same golden eyes. He also bears a scar running down from his neck to his lower back which was gained when he encountered a rather unfriendly pack. He was lucky to leave with just the scar. He wears black loose jeans, a grey-stained shirt, black vest and coat, taking on a very gentlemanly look. A flirty, laid back guy with nothing on his shoulders. With a rebellious attitude he often gets into trouble with his peers and leaders and is often a little too confident with women but is very passionate and protective. Mess with his those he loves and you mess with him.

Elements: Plasma (Blood Manipulation), Lunar, Heal Self

Mate: Formerly Crystal

Weapons: ???

Theme Song: ???


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