Leah is a quiet one, not one for company or friendship. She hates interactions with others, and often her sentences are one or two word affairs, it's a rare occurrence to get more than that; as a result she isolates herself from any and all, and her social skills are practically nonexistent. She has quite a temper as well, and is death defyingly loyal to those who manage to gain her scant trust. She's very blunt, and if pushed, will tell it like it is, she has no qualms about holding back and no use or concern for being overly kind, or even toning down her language and opinions a bit, sometimes coming off as a rather brash and bold personality style, though any courage is an extension of her other emotions. She hates to reveal any more of her body than she must, and she always wears a black sweatshirt and blue jeans, with a pair of dusk brown boots to protect her fragile feet. Her hair is a long, flowing, electric blue color that cascades down her shoulders in waves, trailing down her back when her hood is down. She is pale, her complexion revealing she hasn't spent much time in the sunlight in her young age of fifteen years, and her height is on the small side, coming in at five foot even. Her wolf form is just as small, just as slender and lithe with beautiful, thick and lush black fur adorned with blinding white highlights. In human form her eyes are inky black, the color of the unending night, but in her lupine figure, they are the color of the sea, a strange bluish green. She is nervous and fidgety indoors, hating to be cramped and trapped in a place she feels she can not escape, and so she tries to remain outside as much as possible. She often keeps to herself and is not open or up for talking about herself, especially to strangers. Her history is a tragic one, as Leah's parents never really loved each other and her home life, as a result, was terrible. Her grandparents arranged the marriage of her sire and dam, and the union, as previously stated, was not a happy one, for Leah's father harbored a dark secret. He was abusive, having a macabre taste for beating on those who were powerless against him. He so abused Leah's mother, and strong though the woman was, she decided she'd had enough when she became pregnant. So she made him a deal: She would give the babe up for adoption if it was a boy and leave him so he could have his twisted desires with whomever he wished, for he already cheated, and if it was a girl, she would leave the child in his care to take her place as his punching bag. Low and behold, the baby was a girl, for it was Leah. Her mother, as promised, left her in her father's care and disappeared, not really having wanted any offspring anyway. Leah was abused mentally, physically, and emotionally while under her father's roof, but that was all, and that was enough. It molded Leah into the wolf she is today, and now that she has left, she never wishes to go back, and even now is on the run from his horrid clutches. Though she has met and fell in love with Takumi, and she is willing to give the relationship a chance, make it work, she has no family that she claims, for they have never given her any reason or desire to do so, other than her husband and her son, Aiden Levon.
 Elements: Aqua, Lunar, Self Healing
 Mate: Takumi
Weapons: Daggers/knives
Takumi has came from an abused family and is very wary of those around him. He is a average sized male who normally wears a white tee shirt and jeans. Takumi only trusts those who save him or help him without asking and suffers from depression due to his early life. Mostly docile he can be come enraged when someone he cares about is being attacked or when he witnesses abuse.
 Elements: Pyro, Healing of others
 Mate: Leah
Weapons: Spear
 Kotaro is a large and built male who used to be a member of the Shadowed Spirits but after being captured by one of the Avenged pack members he enjoys his new life as Rayla's omega, further moving on to become a loner with his beloved mate. Despite his tough guy appearance and his strength Kotaro normally obey when someone asks him to do something but will hold Rayla's word above all others. Kotaro can become very hostile to anyone who attacks Rayla and will defend her with his life from anyone.
Elements: Healing others, pyro
Mate: Rayla
Info Pending
Elements: Pending
Mate: Kotaro
Info Pending
Elements: Pending
Mate: None
He is the first born son of Leah and Takumi, making him a loner by birth and blood. Unlike his mother, Leah, Aiden Levon is not unnecessarily closed off and withdrawn, though he is careful in who he chooses as friends; those he counts among his small realm as such are few and far between, and many are humbled he chooses to socialize with them at all, for Aiden is unusually shy and timid upon first meeting a new soul, a different person with whom he has no experience or connection too. He takes a good deal to warm up to someone, though he is unerringly loyal and steadfastly anchored in his beliefs. He stands up for what he believes is right, and won't back down, displaying a strong back bone and powerful will to live and fight for what is considered right and just, noble and honorable. Though it sometimes seems he is rather submissive, like his father, this is far from the truth, as Aiden is two sides of one coin. On the one hand he seems to be meek and bending, able to be broken to one's whims and wills with very little effort; but on the other hand, he has the strong dominant mind set his mother so often displays, the stubborn nature that bows to no one, having been born a good medium between the two personalities of the parents he loves so dearly. He is very sweet, caring, and thoughtful, having deeper insights and thinking processes, pondering the meaning of life and its many intricacies as he tries to find his way in the world, find his place and be happy, to grow into what he is meant to be and fulfill his inevitable destiny. In his human form he is of average height, with a mess of dusk brown hair that falls radically about his head, his facial features are chiseled and masculine, his body skinny and lean, not yet having gained the muscle tone and strength he will need in his adult years, something that will undeniably happen during his training. The eyes are a bright, vibrant green, the color of summer and ferns in the midst of bloom, grass in the heat of the day; the depths of the orbs are marvelous and easy to get lost in, the gentle soul that lies within clear and evident through the passionate way in which he looks at his world and environment. He normally wears a black short sleeved shirt with a higher collar, though it opens up about his chest in a v cut; black cargo pants adorn his lower half, and a bracelet given to him by his parents hangs by his left wrist. His animal form is also of average height, though the build is streamlined and clearly meant for speed rather than strength; his fur is an ashy gray, with only to very faint white points above his sky blue eyes, for in this figure, they change color, just like his mother's. Aiden Levon will answer to either of his names, he doesn't really care what he is called as long as it's not insulting, having been known as either or his entire life. His paws are smooth and strong, his muzzle slender and chiseled, much like the mien he holds in his human form, the look transferring nicely into his lupine figure. The pelt is thick and sleek, the nose a darker hue of the same shade of gray, the claws a nice, firmly colored black. His tail is short, having been bitten off by a badger in his younger days, when he initially met his best friend, Kenda. 
Elements: Shaman
Mate: Too young
Weapons: Has yet to be trained; is unsure of what weapons he wants.
Genevieve Doubleblade is a young wolf whose fur is black as an ace of spades, splattered and splotched with some gray highlights, located so that they might further set off the beautiful dark color that makes up her appearance and covers her wolfish body. The eyes are a deep golden shade, the color that the sun was once said to be, their vibrancy sparking deep thought and astonishment in those who meet her for the first time. Her frame is small, slender, with a light, willowy build generously given a lean edge by all the hard years of her life, the trials in which she has so fearlessly faced. Her paws are as small as can be, giving her a swift, agile edge in battle, and though she is not as strong as some of the larger wolves, her cunning and conniving battle methods more than make up for it. Her human figure is just as small, just as slender, with a form that comes in at 5'2", her weight lighter since she is a warrior and she keeps her body in shape, her figure a pretty petite; black hair coming down to lie upon her shoulders, the eyes retaining the same golden shade. She wears a low cut shirt that cuts off in a v shape at the tapering point of her chest, revealing only what she must of her body, with a red overshirt and white jacket splashed with crimson markings over that; black pants clad her lower half, a wicked looking belt curves about her waist. Gloves cover her hands, the cuffs flaring out at her wrists, surrounded by a couple of leather straps, the buckles only just visible when she moves. Genevieve is a complex wolf, having many sides to her personality, though her main, dominant one is of a quiet, thinking nature. She prefers her own company to that of others, because many consider her strange or weird, though she will allow others to enter her presence if they present no threat to her safety; many believe upon first seeing her that the hard years of her life have beaten her down and made her timid, gloomy, and meek, even, but this is most assuredly not the case. Genevieve just doesn't really speak out much due to the opinions and attitudes she's faced in the past, but if provoked, or if her belief in something is strong, she will do so, no matter the consequences to her. She can be quite blunt, speaking what is on her mind exactly as it appears on her brain, or she can be quite tactful, speaking in surprisingly educated sentences to make her point clear. She is steadfastly loyal to any and all who gain her trust, and once she befriends someone, she will never leave their side. She also has a bright, happy, and rather annoyingly chipper part to her, though to see this particular aspect of her personality is rare, and only shown to close friends and family, of which she currently has none, and she is quite the ferocious fighter when angered or driven to the edge, or pushed to her breaking point. Her self esteem is unusually low, due to the history she refuses to speak of; she is also quite stubborn, her weapons include two swords and a gun, since she has no other powers herself, and she is highly skilled with both. Genevieve has fallen deeply in love with Akimitsu, and would do anything for him. She adores everything about her new mate, and accepts every little flaw he has with a smile, for as long as they're together, she couldn't care less about his imperfections, since she has many of her own. She is very protective of him, knowing how he abhors violence and killing, and though she knows he disapproves of her rank as fighter, she can't help that it is her true calling and the best rank suited for her abilities. Genevieve will stand up for her mate at any time, no matter the cost to herself, and has vowed to shield him from the things that torture him or cause him pain as best she can. 
Elements: None
Mate: Akimitsu
Weapons: Swords, gun
Akihiko is a well built male standing at over 6 feet tall. With short snow white hair and a pair of pale grey eyes to match Akihiko may seem young but he has lived so long his acutal age is unknown even to him. He used to be alive back when normal humans ruled this planet but have long since died out with the destruction of cities and the rise of shifters. Aki as he is normally called is generally a friendly guy who is always ready to make a new friend. He is very fit physically and mentally and wont hesitate to help a friend in need or to follow orders from someone he trusts. Aki's main element is fire which he uses in his own style of hand to hand combat effectively. His other "ability" is the lack of aging he possesses. From which he can pass on to a select few people who he has forged a special bond with. One such person he had forged such a bond with it his mate Genevieve Doubleblade. She is the only thing Aki truly cares about as she is his whole world. He would gladly do anything to make her happy and is glad they are together. in his wolf form he has a mix of red brown and white fur and has a quite large and tall frame.
Elements: Pyro
Mate: Genevieve Doubleblade
Weapons: Hand to hand combat. Mainly boxing.

As a wolf he's taller than an average wolf, although his slouching form hides it well. Acid is lanky and quick on his feet, his slim build helps him be more airodimanic and makes running one of his best abilities. He's almost all black save for various Neon Green markings that are scattered about his body and seem to pulsate with his heart beat. His eyes glow a similar green as his markings. As a human Acid is still taller than average hitting a high 6'11". With longer black hair always mused about his face, hiding it most of the time; his eyes still that same glowing green as his wolf counter part. He still retains the long lanky build he has as a wolf, but has a bit more muscle as a human than as a wolf. Acid is extremely emotionally bipolar. His moods are all over the place and change in the blink of an eye. One moment he can be your best bud and the next ripping your throat out. He's not enterly in control of them, it's the aftermath of abusive parents; although he won't tell anyone about that. But once you gain his trust, he's easier to understand and bit easier to handle. He's protective of his family and friends, and will seek out and hurt anyone who hurts those he holds dear. His little sister being the one he almost lets no one touch, she's all he has left and he doesn't plan on letting anyone touch her; she goes by the name of Anabell.
Elements: Toxin, pyro
Mate: None
Weapons: Two swords

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