The Avenged Souls Pack


Open, must be Desiree's mate.


Desiree is a cold, quiet character. She often keeps her thoughts to herself and puts other's needs before her own. She can be stern but is very fair. She treats you with the respect you deserve and knows how to deal out punishment. In her wolf form she is an icy white colour, with bright blue eyes. She has numerous piercings along her long ears and wears a dark burgundy bandana, both of which she changes in and out of. In her human form she is slender and elegant, slightly taller than average and has long white hair and matching blue eyes to that of her wolf form. When she was born, she was left the Avenged Territory by her uncle who would pass away not long after her birth. The territory has been awaiting her return until she had become of age and she hopes to surpass its previous cruel leaders.
Elements: Aqua, Pyro (Light) and Plasma (Blood Manipulation)
Mate: None

Delta Male

Must be Alex's mate.

Delta Female

​ Daughter of the Alpha male and the delta female, Alex grew up knowing the meaning of intimidation and fear. She secretly hid her heart away from her family. The only one that truly knew her was her half sister Vala but when it came time to be with a mate. She couldn't handle what the pack did anymore and when she went out on a hunting party. She simply disappeared and left never to return leaving the only man she cared about in the pack. Of course he tracked her down and joined her. They ran together for a long time running into trouble for here to there until they landed in the Avenged territory with a friend and they were ambushed by an old pack they crossed. She lost both of them but gained triplets, her sister and a new pack to call home. upon arriving she joined the pack as a scout and lived there happy. She became close friends with the Delta Dallas as he felt like he needed to take care of her that she needed someone. This friendship slowly turned into a love between them that grew with each passing day. She is kinda, loving, loyal and smart. She values family and the pack over all else and she will do anything to protect them. Growing up in a dark evil pack she learned how to fight well and withstand some pain. Trained to kill from a young age, she will always be haunted by the past. By what she was forced to do to survive in the pack but she will never let that past control her. In her human form she has silver blonde hair and light silver/ blue eyes. She is average height and weight for. Very flexible and quick on her feet. She loves to run and spend time with family. In her wolf form she's a silver/ white wolf with silver eyes that almost look yellow when the light is reflected off them.
Mate: Dallas (Missing)

Lead Fighter


A 5'5", 19 year old female. Her statuesque is attenuated, though she does have quite impressive strength for her slim size. She has striking pitch ebonite hair, falling long down her back, feathery in texture, but without volume. Her gaze is blessed with a pulchritudinous hue of viridescent, unfortunately lacking depth of emotion. Her stare gives nothing away of her feelings, other than a particularly hostile feel the viewers feel when she lays her eyes on them. Her wolf form seems to be an obvious match to her, though she looks nothing alike her human self. Spectral's pelt is ribbons of onyx fur. An oddity of ivory laces her pelt in tendrils, giving her a pattern only to be compared to as skeleton-like. Her oculars are what gives way who she really is. The exact same viridian gaze of harsh hostility illuminate in all darkness. She is seducing, easily accommodating others to his will, those of weak minds, her sickly sweet voice a weapon of her manipulation tools. She shows an abundant amount of repugnance towards others, and is very introverted. A seldom occurrence to actually encounter Spectral in the forest, for she seems to dematerialize with the shadows on collision with them, her lissome frame blending in with the shadows with acute precision, her Lunar ability allowing her this. She is deaf in one ear and impassive to others, she shows not much interest in their state or being; though a philosophy of brilliance, testing everyone?s knowledge, distinguishing their strengths and weaknesses. Incomprehensible speed, not many can compare, her lithe shape allowing her to trek with ease. Slender and muscular she loves nothing more then a good fight and a chance to prove herself. Spectral is extremely strategic and very battle-oriented, within reason. She is extreme in combat, and ruthless, which is usually a surprise, her more slim form all muscle, well hidden to her advantage; using this surprise to catch all that battle her off guard.

Elements: Element/Power: Mainly Lunar. Toxin. Pyro.

Mate: None

Weapons: 2 curved daggers. She hides each on a strap on her leg.




She is tall and lanky with a long flowing tail. She is charcoal black with smoky white underneath. She has smoky white eyebrows and chest, her underbelly and back legs are smoky white. She large ears and long flowing fur on her neck that protects her from being injured in a fight. When her temper takes over, she switches into her demon form. Her demon form, she loses all white and becomes pure black with blood dripping from her ankles where her bands are too tight. Multiple cuts open up on her legs and bleed profoundly. She sprouts a pair of horns on her head, she gets fire red hair on her head, and a skull necklace. She grows two pointed tails and her teeth and claws grow longer. She has a short hot tmper. SHe is usually quiet and keeps to herself most of the time.

Elements: Lunar

Mate: None 



 Standing at 6'0" as a human he's tall, but not giant. Strong and built, he's a good fighter, but cocky. He has brownish blonde hair, a seemingly flawless face, and bright green eyes. He often wears basic clothes, a white t-shirt, and blue jeans. As a wolf, he has solid black fur, with the same green eyes. He's almost a hulking size as a wolf, standing at 4'0" at the shoulder. The same muscles he has as a human appear, but are hidden well by his thick fur. Kind hearted, and caring, with a dash of crazy. Riley is caring, and often puts others before himself. Though, while he is caring, he's nuts, and finds joy in sick things. Like watching others suffer. He's mean, and often can be very cruel. If you're on his good side, he'll treat you kindly and with respect. Anger him, irritate him, and he'll lash out, going from nice to insane in the blink of an eye. 

Powers: Toxin, Lunar, Pyro

Mate: None

Weapons: None 



He's built much like his brother, Nanashi, except that he is far larger with darker hair. Gitu stands at about 6'4" and muscle clad, with two enormous wings poking out of his back. He is always wearing a smirk or a scowl. Gitu's large, having taken more after his and Nani's father in build. His hulking black form is only made larger by his massive bat wings. Gitu has scars crossing his body from fights as well as his rigorous training. Gitu was the other son of the former shadowed alphess, but Nanashi was chosen as their mothers heir. This angered Gitu as he was older and stronger. Even as young, Nani tried to reason with his brother, even offering him the position of beta. But the damage had been done. Gitu ran away from home and was found by Reaper, the beta female of Avenged, Reaper took the confused adolescent as her own and turned him into the ideal future leader for her pack, promising him all that he had been denied. Gitu never got to have his reign though, with Avenged being nearly wiped out by Shadowed, now under Nanashis rule. Gitu swore revenge on his brother, going so far as to sell his soul to a demon for a pair of wings so that he could take to the skies and keep a watchful eye on those who betrayed him.

Powers: Toxin, Lunar, and Plasma (lightning)

Mate: None 

Weapons: None

Theme Song: Bodies by Drowning Pool 


Info Pending
Elements Pending
Mate: Elias
Info Pending
Elements Pending


Lead Hunter

  The rank is open.


Her wolf form is black, white, and blood red fur and reddish-brown eyes. Her human form is a young looking girl with light red hair and reddish-brown eyes. Her personality is flirty, fun and she is very friendly. Yuki has fire powers and her favourite thing to do is to use her powers to keep herself plenty warm.
Power: Pyro
Mate: Bane



Takashi seems like he is well suited as a leader but he much rather be the one following directions rather than giving them. He is friendly and charismatic but will become over aggressive when his friends are threatened. Despite being a healer Takashi is more than capable of defending himself in a fight.  In his human form he is about 6 feet tall with brown hair and soft brown eyes. He normally wears a black jacket with a dark red tee shirt. In his wolf form he has mostly white fur with red on his back.

Powers: Heal Others, Pyro

Mate: Vala


Her main body colour is red, with creamy white under belly neck, and a few select toes on her front paws. The back of her neck is black along with the top side of her tail, the underneath is the same creamy white as her underbelly. Her eyes a blood red. She has multiple piercings in both of her ears. Her canine teeth are long and sharp and stick out of her mouth. She can be cold hearted and cruel. She doesn't talk much, she would rather sit and listen. She's a rebel, but very obedient to any wolf who has a higher rank than her. 
Elements: Lunar
Mate: None 
 Rebecca is a averaged sized female who keeps her brown hair short. She has a fascination with medical plants and grows them frequently around where she lives. She  is very kind and has a strong sense of loyalty. She will follow orders without question despite her slightly naïve attitude. She is eager to please her higher ups and enjoys working in a team. Despite her healing ability she is no stranger to fights and is able to defend her self well.
Powers: Healing others, terra
Mate: None
Weapons: Guns

Lead Scout

Ashton is by all means, very pretty, with black hair, and aqua colored eyes, graced by smooth facial features. She stands at a clean 5'8" with a slim but strong build. She is silent in her movements, and can hide easily. She wears a dark camo hoodie, with a grey really short sleeve v-neck, form fitting shirt. Tight, but not quite skinny jeans that show off her curves without cutting off circulation to her legs. Her shoes are calf high black and white converse. Her wolf form is a sleek black wolf, with blue markings of her face and front legs.  She is sweet, but not afraid to be violent and cruel if the need arises. She is a bit reserved to herself when you first meet her, but she is not shy, nor afraid to speak her mind. At times she is outgoing and bold, others, she is quiet and a background type of person.
Elements: Plasma (Lightning), Venom Blood
Mate: None


She’s the daughter of the alpha of the dangerous and dark pack. She grew up under her father and was trained hard. When she came to age she was mated with a cruel and harsh guy named Romeo who she believed love her. During her time in the pack, she became numb to everything around her and a cold hearted killer until the event that changed her life forever. As the pack raided another pack, she saw her father walking up to the alpha’s daughter a young wolf with an intent to hurt her. Seeing the fear in the girl’s eyes. Vala stopped her father and the young wolf escaped. When they returned home her father, brother and mate turned on her in front of the whole pack. They assaulted her and beat her until she was almost dead before leaving her to die. She survived and traveled far away from all she knew. Along the way she ran into packs each worse than the previous one, until she found herself here in the avenged pack. The first day was rough but after that it was perfect and she became their scout. Her heart instantly fell for their healer and she began to trust again as she became mates with Takashi. She is a silver/ white wolf with ice blue eyes and in her human form she has almost white hair with ice blue eyes. Her elements are water, wind and fire. But she’s strongest with wind and water.
Powers: Aqua, Air and Pyro
Mate: Takashi


The rank is open.

Omegas and Adolescents 

 Elias, Omega of Avenged Souls, is, in a word, huge in both of his forms, a large imposing brute that really has no wish for harm in his heart, usually feared and shirked upon first meeting. In his human shape, he has creamy white skin, unmarred by scars or a hard life outdoors, though his existence has been anything but easy or even remotely happy, his hair is a light black, full and thick, sticking out along the sides, drooping down into his vibrant orange eyes, orbs the color of molten flame and hardening lava, as bright as the flames he controls, as smokey and hazed as the black cloud that rises from his fires, providing him a defense when others would use these marvelously colored orbs against him, would attempt to soul gaze and see into his past, their apparent murk clearing only when he is happy, joyful, or thrilled, something that never happens unless he is around those he loves unconditionally, such as his mate, Ebony. He wears a low cut tee of the gray variety, and a black jacket that covers his back side, decorated with a slew of intricate designs. There is a piercing in his chest, two in each of his eyes, his chin, and one in each ear as well, though the latter are hidden by the mopping mess he calls hair. He is usually found in blue jeans, black combat boots, and a pair of finger-less gloves adorn his hands. In his wolf form he has thick, fluffy fur that adds to his already imposing height, the hair shifting into bangs that hang constantly down into his eyes, the orbs still as orange as the day he was born, piercings occupying roughly the same places as in his human form, with the exception of a couple extra ones appearing in the front of his chin. His fur is a multitude of colors, a myriad of red, black, and tan, all of the shades coming together nicely, accenting one another without even consulting with the other, flowing in an easy pattern in haze, all the way to the tips of his magnificently large wings, the feathered appendages roughly half his size in his animal form, but as long as he is in his human shape, providing him an advantage in aerial battle, for he is quite the flyer when he so chooses to be. Elias is the strong, silent type, preferring not to speak or socialize, especially if it's about his past. He clams up when this topic comes about, averting his gaze and refusing any and all contact for days or even weeks afterwards, pulling away from those would have him a friend, who would name him as a close acquaintance. There are times he even goes so far as to disappear in times like these, if only to deal with the rising qualm of emotions that surge within him, to attempt to make sense of the harshities life has deemed to throw his way, things he keeps locked away deep in his heart. He hates when the more friendly wolves approach him, attempting to make friends, to force him into a social situation he has no great need or love for, and if he speaks at all, it's barely even a sentence, and he refuses to look them in the eye, turning his face away so that one can't read his expressions, though he is extremely loyal and protective to those who manage to break through his shell, to hammer through the dense wall that is his skull, those whose persistence granted them the rank of a friend, albeit a grudging and stony one. Elias would gladly die for those who get close to him, has no problem with throwing away his life if it means that another can live in his stead, can have an existence far happier and greater than his own. His temper is volatile and great, unpredictable when he is provoked, and for this reason, Elias will turn and walk away from an argument, fearing what the loss of control might entail for those around him, his pyro like powers giving him the ability to burn those who offend him to a crisp, if he so chooses, if he so deems fit when in the blackest of moods. He has no great love for pups, though his main duty lies in their care, finding them immensely irritating and increasingly hard to control and keep track of as the years go by, though he is only about seventeen. His gaze is cold and icy, walled and barriered to the hilt, formulated to keep out those who would wish to break him from his shell, a place he'll not leave easily, though on the inside, he can be quite the softy. He hates to see others suffer, especially those he likes or has grown attached to, and anyone who hurts them will face his eager wrath, his insane need for justice or vengeance, the urge to help and protect those around him sometimes becoming overwhelming. When he's not busy, he can be seen helping out around the camp, using his great wings and size to the advantage of all, aiding with repairs, hunting the larger game that could feed many, or taking the burden off of another packmate, allowing them a rest or breather as needed. If he likes you, the rejoice, for you've a friend for life, but get on his bad side, and you may never redeem yourself, invoking his wrath for any and all things he views as unjust.
Elements: Pyro, Plasma (Lightning), and healing of others, an ability that seems rather out of place for one such as he, but serves him well.
Mate: Ebony
Weapons: Dagger
Martha is Elias' adoptive mother, the she-wolf who raised him in his natal pack alongside her mate, whom is now deceased. The rest of her information is pending, but she is a part of the Avenged pack as an Omega.
Elements: Pending
Mate: None
Theme: TBA
Weapons: None
As a human, Ophelia has long brown hair that set gently on the sides of her face and seemingly never in it. Her eyes are a cloudless blue. almost looking lifeless as well. She has pale ivory skin with freckles scattered all acrossed her body but mostly on her shoulders. She reaches to be 5'2 with a small frame and average bust. The woman has a tattoo on her thigh of Alice through the looking glass. As a wolf, Ophelia has a light brown almost orange pelt with shades of beige at the legs, jaw, underbelly, and eyebrows. Both human and wolf, Ophelia is astonishing with her beauty, yet she carries herself with modesty. Ophelia is a submissive wolf and rarely gets angry. Ophelia has great maternal instincts despite never bearing young, and acts as a mother to many. She is caring, understanding, and will do anything for those who are important to her. Her loyalty runs deep, as she would die for her pack. Even though beautiful; Ophelia carries herself with modesty and is shy around most people.
 Elements: Healing of others, pyro, terra
Mate: None
Weapons: None
Themesong: N/A
Mother- Alex
Info Pending
Elements Pending
Mate: Chloe

Mother- Yuki
Chloe is the daughter of Yuki and Raiden. Her biological father was Danny and she looks exactly like him. She has black fur and bright blue eyes. Her human form has light brown hair and also has bright blue eyes. Chloe has been through a lot including hurting her mate nick. She was put through all this by her grandfather Elijah. She is a very kind wolf with a big heart. She can't help but care for others but the moment you hurt somebody she cares about she will not hesitate to protect them. She has been mates with Nick since they were teenagers. When he was In a coma she refused to leave his side and even feared that he would wake up hating her. Now, she is happy with her mate and her family but still feels guilty everytime she sees the scar she left on her mate. She can use fire powers but she also has the power to fight using shadows.
Elements: Pyro, Lunar
Mate: Nick
(Pic Coming Soon)
Mother - Yuki 
Information needed.
Picture needed. 
Mother- Yuki
Information needed.
Picture needed. 
Mother - Ebony
The first born son of Ebony and a wolf from Fangblade, though his true father is unknown. Xavier himself is unaware of this, growing up under the assumption that Elias is his father, as the protective male has taken on the role and has always treated Xavier as his own. His information is coming soon.
Picture needed.
Mother - Ebony
The second born son of Ebony and a wolf from Fangblade, though his true father is unknown. He is the twin brother of Xavier, and the second child adopted by Elias as his own, though like Xavier, Cassander, or Cass, for short as he is commonly called, is unaware of this. His information is coming soon.

                                         The Avenged Deceased

The dead of the Avenged Souls pack. They are always remembered and honored for their services, and a life well lived.


 Raiden is a smaller sized male who has snow white hair in his human form. He normally wears a white shirt under his orange jacket and blue neckerchief. Dispite his small size he is brave when his love or friends are in danger and can be dangerous when he is angered. Luckily Raiden is a hard person to anger. In his wolf form he is multi colored with white blue and black fur.
Power: Lightning
Mate: Yuki
 blue anime wolf photo savory.jpg


Though Elijah is dead now, he was the father of both Yuki and Elias, grandfather to Chloe, and his features are seen in a variety of ways in all generations of his family. He was tall, though not as tall as his son, coming in at a healthy 5'7" and his weight was little on the heavy side due to his older age. Both his eyes and hair were red as blood, a deep, flashing crimson that sent chills into the spines and hearts of all he met and all who dared to look into those crazed orbs. At one time in his youth, he was quite muscular and powerful, though that lean edge has been taken off due to old age, he is still quite strong and strapping for one of his generation and era. His skin is not pale as ashes, but nor it is as tan and hardened as leather, falling into a nice tone between the two rather drastic hues, a single piercing is anchored in his chin; ordinarily, he was seen in a black tee shirt and white jacket, which shows blood stains relatively easily, something Elijah doesn't care if he flaunts, taking pride in his skills and attributes that remain. In his wolf form, he was a rather larger than average wolf, though not as big as some. He would use his size to his advantage, as well as his dark powers, employing a cunning, deadly mind as well. His fur was a thick, healthy black, and a pair of wings resided upon his sides while his eyes remained a demonic red. The wings were visible in wolf form only, he was never able to carry them over to his human figure. Elijah was a cold, cruel, and manipulating man. He was very dangerous, having the ability to talk smoothly and make almost any lie he told believable and convincing, preferring to prey on the young, raising them in his hold and welcoming them into his fold, turning them against their families and friends. He had a craving for control that could never be sated, no matter what he did, no matter what feat he managed to accomplish, and when crossed, he would punish harshly without the slightest hesitation, often prone to blind fits of rage, tempered with the cool, calm and collected demeanor it would take to think through dire situations, giving him an edge in stressful battle. He was prone to vengeance, and was known for his smooth talking and deception, the fact that he always had a plan, though his true, maniacal self would show through when his plots were overturned and his control wrested from him. He was a dark character willing to go to no ends to achieve his goals, as witnessed by the shameless way in which he manipulated and brainwashed his own grandchild so that he might regain control of her family and turn them against one another, teach them a lesson for betraying and abandoning him.
Elements: Pyro, Lunar
Mate: None
Weapons: Elements, cunning mind



                                                  The Missing

These are the wolves who have gone missing in the territory since all of the battles and skirmishes that have plagued the two packs, though some retain hope for their safe return, others have already accepted the idea of the worst, and so grieve their loss like any pack mate would. 


Delta Male:

Dallas is a large black male with two different colored eyes; one yellow and one blue with a scar over it, however it is not his only scar. He has scars from whip lashes, but they are hidden by his fur in wolf form. His eyes stay the same color when he changes forms along with the scar on his blue eye. He also wears a necklace around his neck made out of gold. Dallas is easily taller than other males, which suits him because of his rank. In human form he has no room for fat as there is just muscles. He usually wears a shirt when he is outside, but inside he likes to take it off. On his left shoulder he has a tattoo that says black death and a piercing on his nipple. Dallas has medium long brown hair and black ripped up pants with three belts. One is for keeping his pants up and the others are for fashion as they hang down from his pants on each side and black boots for working. Dallas eyes tell his personality. Left one is golden and warm like the sun and right one appears cold and almost icy like the moon in a cold night, Both sides are present. Dallas is a heavy drinker as his favorite drink is scotch, but he never likes to drink much in front of others, and at the same time having eating problems. He may have a lot of muscles but he never eats a lot and tends to forget to eat some days. If you rub him the wrong way don't expect him to be as caring as he is to others. If he doesn't like you know there is no changing it unfortunately. However he is loving to his pack members and does not deal with threats pleasantly and will smack you back in line if you dare to step out. 
Powers: Heal Self, Plasma (Blood Manip) and Lunar
Mate: Alex




Ricochet is a dark, dusty brown male wolf. In his human form and wolf form he is extremely muscled and scarred, though this doesn't deter his confidence. In his wolf form, he has piercing golden eyes which change to a calm blue when in human form. His human form he stands at 6'5" and has ash blonde hair. He also carries a sword, though he prefers to fight in wolf form. He was born the youngest of 4 brothers, so of course he got the smallest serving of whatever was given to his brothers, whether it be food, gifts, or girls. Sick of being forced to live under the authority of his older brothers, he left in search of a home where all were treated equal, and eventually landed himself in the Avenged Souls. He is a rather flirtatious kind of guy and loves to fool around, though will respect a girl's boundaries. However much he fools around, he is extremely protective and will not hesitate to step up to any who threatens his family, mate or pack. 

Powers: Air, Plasma (Lightning)

Mate: None



James is a tall slim wolf with black silky fur making him easily blend into the shadows. His crimson eyes, giving off no emotion. He is built like a greyhound with long legs and thin body making him light for speed, however his black fur and crimson eyes giving him more of a hell hound look. James' ears are tall and pointy unlike other wolves with more of a triangle shape, his tall ears make him have better hearing than others, being able to hear farther. Teeth and claws sharp like a needle making it super easy to pierce thick skin and long snout. His body making him fast and silent along with his powers make him fit for his rank. He is silent, usually keeping to himself but has his smart ass comments once in awhile, but will not hold back anything on his mind if you get in his face. He doesn't usually get angry since its entertaining seeing others get pissed off at him for not giving two shit of what they say. However when he does get angry someone usual ends up dead. James is great at his job, always putting his own little art work into his killing, putting fear into his next victims with the a devilish smile that kills and teeth dripping with blood down his razor sharp teeth. It's usually the silent once you got watch out for, you'll never know when they'll strike. James is Dallas' son, though he grew up never really liking his father as his father wasn't very fond of him either. James isn't one to trust as Dallas has come to realize, leaving them at a conflict between each other. He grew up leading the packs army to war but after failing and loosing the war along with the pack James went on his own path, finding home at a temple where assassins were born and they decided to take him in and teach James their way. Later on he was one of them going out on missions, but eventually each assassin had to leave.

Powers: Enhanced speed, shape shifting, and camouflage

Mate: None

Weapons: ???

black dog by Atenebris



Mother- Unknown
Father- Jeremiah (Deceased)
Kali is a thin she-wolf with dirty blonde and white fur with bright blue eyes. In her human form, she is average height and maintains most of the features of her wolf form: her blue eyes and hair and thin figure. However, in her human form she wears her unknown mother's necklace, given to her by her father and since his death, treasures it dearly. She has a very saudade appearance, always seeming sad but in a very beautiful way.  Kali doesn't remember much of what happened before arriving here. She was with her dad out by her pack's lake and she lost him. She searched for him but to no avail until she came upon a small group of wolves. Upon closer inspection, they were staring sadistically at her Dad's dead body hung from one of their traps. Then she ran, and kept running until she found herself here. She wants a home, a safe place, and people who she can be happy with. She is not very strong when it comes to using her powers and can only really use them to entertain herself.
Elements: Aqua, Terra and Heal Others
Mate: Too Young
Weapons: None 


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