If your info has not been added, message Genevieve and make sure you have filled in all of the recquired information.

Please fill in all of the required information



Preferred Rank

Description:  * (Detail please)

Personality:  * (Detail please)

Element/Power: # (Up to three)

Pics: Human and Wolf

Theme: (Optional. A theme song to describe your character)

Weapons: (Optional. The weapons your character carries or possesses)

 * = I'm looking for detail, but don't write a book about it

 # = Power/Elements are as follows


For Powers you are only allowed up to THREE

Once you choose your powers, you must keep them. If you absolutely need to change your power (and once you change it once you cannot change again) message Gen (Genevieve) or one of the admins on the administration list. 

Weapons: Weapons you use to attack people and defend yourself with. Weapons do not count as powers and anyone can have them.

Guns: Only non benders can use guns. (Healing does not count as a power here so they can also use guns) Only pistols allowed, no autos.

When in battle, no one hit kills or disables. Users have to miss often or the person getting shot at can take cover a lot.

Pyros can smoke them out to disrupt their aim, Aqua users can use ice to shield from bullets, Terra can use rock to shield from bullets. 

Heal Self: You will be able to heal yourself, the larger the wound the more energy it will take to heal. 

Heal Others: You are capable of healing others who are wounded or lending your energy.

Pyro: As the name implies, you are a user of the fire arts. Pyro users are capable of carrying sparks with which to ignite flame that they can bend to their will.

Can also control Smoke and can control Light.

Aqua: Aqua was the same properties as pyro. Aqua users can pull the water from the air, unless someone's already using pyro, and use it to their will.

Can also control Ice.

Toxin: Toxin users have poisonous blood. When attacked, the poison is passed on to the attacker. It is slow to react and is not lethal but can cause sickness and dizziness.

Terra: One that can use Mother Earth and bend her to his or her will.

Can also make plants grow and rocks fall.

Air: Controls the winds.

Can also control natural disasters such as tornadoes.

Lunar: The dark arts. Users of this element can control shadows and black energy.

Can also shift between shadows.

Plasma: Users of plasma can either

- Control lightning


- Manipulate Blood: Attacked person MUST be bleeding for this power to be used.

Both plasma powers are extremely powerful but both come with their own risk, abusing and over-using these powers can result in loss of consciousness. Both recquire a lot of energy and stamina.



If you join as a spirit, there are a few rules to it.

1) You cannot be seen by anyone but a Shaman.

2) You can however be heard in the mind of a person of your choice 

3) Spirits do not have powers, as they are dead they have no need for them, however, they do retain the knowledge they had in life.

4) When visible, or summoned into tangibility by a shaman, a spirit is only visible for a short time, depending on the power of the shaman who summoned them.

5) Yes spirits can be summoned into tangibility, by a shaman, to assist in battle. 

For a Shaman to summon a spirit, there needs to be some kind of totem or belonging of the deceased. These items can be anything from a lock of hair, to a bone, to an old diary.

If you join as a spirit I ask that you have at least one living character.

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Reply Sev
12:36 PM on January 19, 2017 
Reply Sev
5:53 AM on January 19, 2017 
Update for Ash
(Human pic)
(It's the same image just a more direct link)
Theme: Swimming by Hans Zimmer (link to come)
Reply Aspen
9:20 PM on November 7, 2016 
Name: Aspen

Pack: Shadowed Spirits

Preferred Rank: Army

Personality: She's very bright and energetic young female. She doesn't let much get to her and tends to bottle up her feelings that are anything other than happy. She prefers to only see the positive in things; no matter how dark or bleak they seem. She's always up for adventuring and exploring. She ends up acting more like a pup rather than the mature wolf she is. It tends to get her in more trouble than it's worth, but that never seems to get her down. She's either down to earth or a million miles away with her head in the clouds, there is no in between. She's very sweet although she's quick to let people know that even though she's small, that doesn't mean she's a door mat.

Description: She's a thin long legged wolf. She has white fur almost covering her entirely. Besides her mane, legs, undertail, ears, and between her shoulders; which all happen to be black. She has scars covering her front legs; all self inflicted. In her human form she is a little on the short side, only being 5'2". She has long platinum blonde hair and eyes that look soft brown but flash red when the light hits them right. She's always wearing her black sweatshirt and favorite band t-shirt with some big headphones; which she uses to rock out her favorite songs or block out the world. She grew up being scrutinized, her parents both being alphas, from a long line of alphas; and she was the smallest of the litter...the runt. She was picked on, and disowned by her parents. Her position went to that of something below an Omega. Although the Omegas are the ones who taught her to survive and how to be positive even when things look horrible.

Element: Terra

Pics: Human:


Reply Crystal
9:54 PM on August 28, 2016 
Joshua is the son of Crystal. Info coming soon

Luna is the sister of Raedon and the daughter of Yuki. Info coming soon
Reply Genevieve
5:16 PM on August 20, 2016 
Martha is Elias' adoptive mother, the she-wolf who raised him in his natal pack alongside her mate, whom is now deceased. The rest of her information is pending, but she is a part of the Avenged pack as an Omega.

Pics: Human -

Wolf -
Reply Sev
8:42 PM on August 15, 2016 
Name: Ash

Pack: Shadowed Spirits

Preferred Rank: Hunter or Healer(sadly it's really all she's good for)

Description: Ash is the mute daughter of Cloud (Crystal) and a puphood comrade of Nanashi. Her fur is a pale silver color and her eyes are deep sapphire blue. Her fur and eye color carries over into her human form, causing her to appear a little odd as she is still rather young. As she is a mute, Ash doesn't talk much, or really make any vocalization other than a soft, raspy sound she makes by tightening her throat and exhaling.

Personality: Despite being silent, Ash can communicate rather effectively through gestures, expression, and writing (something her mother taught her). Sometimes she becomes frustrated as her silence often leads to her being forgotten, but she has a gentle nature about her that radiates without words.

Element/Power: heal others, aqua, terra


Theme: TBA

Weapons: none
Reply Spectral
8:16 PM on August 12, 2016 
Name: Spectral

Gender: Female

Pack: Avenged Souls

Preferred Rank: Hit me up with something cool. (Something you think she'd be good as.)

Description: A 5'5", 19 year old female. Her statuesque is attenuated, though she does have quite impressive strength for her slim size. She has striking pitch ebonite hair, falling long down her back, feathery in texture, but without volume. Her gaze is blessed with a pulchritudinous hue of viridescent, unfortunately lacking depth of emotion. Her stare gives nothing away of her feelings, other than a particularly hostile feel the viewers feel when she lays her eyes on them.

Her wolf form seems to be an obvious match to her, though she looks nothing alike her human self. Spectral's pelt is ribbons of onyx fur. An oddity of ivory laces her pelt in tendrils, giving her a pattern only to be compared to as skeleton-like. Her oculars are what gives way who she really is. The exact same viridian gaze of harsh hostility illuminate in all darkness.

Personality: She is seducing, easily accommodating others to his will, those of weak minds, her sickly sweet voice a weapon of her manipulation tools. She shows an abundant amount of repugnance towards others, and is very introverted. A seldom occurrence to actually encounter Spectral in the forest, for she seems to dematerialize with the shadows on collision with them, her lissome frame blending in with the shadows with acute precision, her Lunar ability allowing her this. She is deaf in one ear and impassive to others, she shows not much interest in their state or being; though a philosophy of brilliance, testing everyone?s knowledge, distinguishing their strengths and weaknesses. Incomprehensible speed, not many can compare, her lithe shape allowing her to trek with ease. Slender and muscular she loves nothing more then a good fight and a chance to prove herself. Spectral is extremely strategic and very battle-oriented, within reason. She is extreme in combat, and ruthless, which is usually a surprise, her more slim form all muscle, well hidden to her advantage; using this surprise to catch all that battle her off guard.

Element/Power: Mainly Lunar. Toxin. Pyro.

Wolf: (This is as close as I can get it. I'll draw a real representation of her later.)

Weapons: 2 curved daggers. She hides each on a strap on her leg.
Reply Sev
9:11 AM on January 30, 2016

The urls won't post correctly copy/paste them in the browser to view properly
Reply Sev
9:07 AM on January 30, 2016 
(He was originally meant to be the alpha but I can wait for that so a fighter is fine)
Human: he's built much like his brother, Nanashi, except that he is far larger with darker hair. Gitu stands at about 6'4" and muscle clad, with two enormous wings poking out of his back. He is always wearing a smirk or a scowl.
Wolf: Gitu's large, having taken more after his and Nani's father in build. His hulking black form is only made larger by his massive bat wings. Gitu has scars crossing his body from fights as well as his rigorous training.
personality: Gitu was the other son of the former shadowed alphess, but Nanashi was chosen as their mothers heir. This angered Gitu as he was older and stronger. Even as young, Nani tried to reason with his brother, even offering him the position of beta. But the damage had been done. Gitu ran away from home and was found by Reaper, the beta female of Avenged, Reaper took the confused adolescent as her own and turned him into the ideal future leader for her pack, promising him all that he had been denied. Gitu never got to have his reign though, with Avenged being nearly wiped out by Shadowed, now under Nanashis rule. Gitu swore revenge on his brother, going so far as to sell his soul to a demon for a pair of wings so that he could take to the skies and keep a watchful eye on those who betrayed him.
Powers: toxin, lunar, and plasma(lightning)
Theme: bodies by Drowning Pool
Pics and links in next post
Reply Luke
12:44 AM on January 30, 2016 
Name: Acid

Discription: Wolf: As a wolf he's taller than an average wolf, although his slouching form hides it well. Acid is lanky and quick on his feet, his slim build helps him be more airodimanic and makes running one of his best abilities. He's almost all black save for various Neon Green markings that are scattered about his body and seem to pulsate with his heart beat. His eyes glow a similar green as his markings.

Human: As a human Acid is still taller than average hitting a high 6'11". With longer black hair always mused about his face, hiding it most of the time; his eyes still that same glowing green as his wolf counter part. He still retains the long lanky build he has as a wolf, but has a bit more muscle as a human than as a wolf.

Personality: Acid is extremely emotionally bipolar. His moods are all over the place and change in the blink of an eye. One moment he can be your best bud and the next ripping your throat out. He's not enterly in control of them, it's the aftermath of abusive parents; although he won't tell anyone about that. But once you gain his trust, he's easier to understand and bit easier to handle. He's protective of his family and friends, and will seek out and hurt anyone who hurts those he holds dear. His little sister being the one he almost lets no one touch, she's all he has left and he doesn't plan on letting anyone touch her.

Family: Anabell (Sister)

Power: Toxin and Pyro

Weapons: Two swords

Pic: Wolf:


Theme song:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"Jeklly and Hyde by Fivefinger Death Punch