Change of plans - 05 / 15 / 17

Hi again, 

So, webs is a pain in the butt. After they lowkey forced me to upgrade the site editor to it's most recent version, it removed all chat boxes and other widgets on the site which is really bloody annoying because now we don't have them and can't really get them back properly unless you have their links. (thanks webs.)

So, we will be going ahead with option 2. This site will be re made into the info page for the new site:

As for what the pages here will be used for, I came up with some ideas. Of course we'll all work out things like lore, powers, and rules together but I guess for now I'll try to work one the new site as much as I can so it can be ready to be used for roleplay. Feel free to join so I can bump a bunch of you up to admins. 

Heres the pages we have:

1: Home page - this will all be redone and will include a link to the roleplay website once it is complete.

2: Shadowed Spirits (possible rename of packs?) pack

3: Avenged Souls pack

4: Loners

5: Lore (history and plot line of the packs)

6: Powers Information Page  COMPLETED


Please message me with suggestions! Otherwise I'll kinda go off and do what I can and hope you guys like how it turns out.

Thanks guys!
- Zeray

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